Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Somebody's idea of the most Canadian thing to do on Canada Day here in Berlin was at midnight, "go to the gas station, and shotgun beers", which was delivered completely straightfaced and with military intensity.  My comrades and I couldn't agree more, so at midnight we scootched over to the petro-can and throttled down some 'charmers.
In Germany, it is actually difficult to find cans of beer, so we were kinda lucky that the good ol chevron here had a pleth' of choice, however, we chose the Bud of the doitch: Becks, and ice chilled Becks at that.

Neil Gretzky and Cholo A MacDonald

Clayton Magnet, now there was a guy...

It is not advised to let the beer know that you are scared of it.  Nick Moranis did not subside to his fears, and actually smited the entire can like a warrior in the plains of Algonquin country smites the entrails of a slain enenmy.

They like to call this guy Cholo, but they also like to call him the Canada Arm.  And all Canadians love to brag to Americans that we have the Canada Arm, and that there is not even such a thing that exists even in space as the America Arm.

Smited remnants of nationalism

Beer smiting machine and tourist, Neil Strombolopoulous Levy, enjoys a good time.

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