Thursday, May 22, 2008


What's up bitches!  What's new?!  Shiieet, where yar'll been?  I hope you all been so busy documenting some heavy amigo brosheishers, cuz the 'pops needs a heavy dose!  Maybe the weather has been keeping some at bay, from what i've seen, it still isn't summertime everywhere yet--but friends, remember, we are pioneers, voyageurs, explorers, and expanders of the conventional, so it is bestowed upon us to create thrill from the grey, the mundane, the ordinary.  Turn shit into shinola.  Turn the experience of tossing back a few coldies with a fellow enthusiast from being routine to being, uh, un-routine...?  Yes, so, I digress, because I do not wish to dwell on this, however expand on history that is being made in your presence.
That's right.  Continent to continent.  A toast from coast to coast.  Some people say that music is the international language--well i'd like to argue that.  It is English, and it totally works, communication-wise over a thing called the internet, where the first ever documented-on-the-R.P. annual two way conference beer toast occurred.  Digital toasts.
Cheers from the digital stoop of the future.  Isaac Asimov eat your heart out.

This is referred to as by myviewfromthisbox as a "digital suntan".

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I know that if our good friend Bill O'Rielly were a contributor, he'd be posting 95% of the material on this site. Here's a video I found of Bill. With this amount of pressure at the ole office you can be sure he'd be getting some posting on road pops daily.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Stoop #4 - Sharing is Caring

Things i learned....

1. The number of guests at The Stoop doubles when the quality of the guests is high.

2. There is a limited amount of space on The Stoop. One must have incredible hand foot coordination to maneuver when visiting.

3. All things Italian are good. Right Ko?

4. Americans do very a number of things well. Barbeque sauce is one them.

5. Lactose intolerance is nothing to be embarrassed of. It should be celebrated with frozen yogourt. In the event of an intolerance attack, please leave a dollar in the watercloset.

6. Please use any transportation device to reach the Stoop. Just make sure to do so.

7. A succesful party always requires an abundance of fare.

8. El Squmador is on it.

9. When at the Stoop, germs cannot spread between guests. All guests have immunity on the Stoop.

10. It is excellent to be home.

Please note:

Friends from the East will be visiting next week so next Sunday will be an important Stoop session. Visit your mothers then visit the Stoop.


The Stoop - Convertible session

Things i learned....

1. A stoop is a stoop no matter where you go. It's who's on the stoop that changes.

2. The set sun sets the same no matter where you go it's just the landscape that changes.

3. Inglewood is as exactly as it seems...fried chicken, fried chicken, cash your paycheck, foot locker, fried chicken, escalade, cash advance...was that Tupac??

4. Sometimes you just have to go.

5. The L.A.P.D ghetto birds do not appreciate beers on the beach. Thank goodness for vitamin water bottles.

6. The Stoop will definitely be hitting the road much more this summer. Hitchhikers welcome.

See you back on Jackson,


knock knock.

Who's there?
Road who?
Road Pops, you idiot!

Is it wierd having Salad for breakfast? Not in Kitsilano. Or on Road pops. After a total huge sunday - everyone decided to get more awesome at 819 where the beers were flowing like beers.

Get me a Moretti already!

Thanks to Barbie Q and 819 Jay for some epic sunday night seshwon. til next time, bitches!