Monday, October 13, 2008

Tail Gate Tricks

I went to my first NFL game yesterday and now I see what the ballyhoo is about-Tail Gate Parties...yes sir, 70,000 plus hanging out in a parking lot BBQing, tossing a football around, dressed in the same jerseys drinking was actually really fun. I know, this audience are artist types and tend to look down on jocky sports, but everyone is actually super cool. I walked around just looking around and ended up meeting all sorts of people that fed me steak sandwiches, ribs, chicken and shrimp. The crew I was with had five coolers of beer for 15 or so people! Eventually I went to the game...which was crazy enough on its own sitting in the nose bleeds amongst 70,000 people...crazy. You gotta go check it out if you never gone before...

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