Monday, May 5, 2008

The Stoop #4 - Sharing is Caring

Things i learned....

1. The number of guests at The Stoop doubles when the quality of the guests is high.

2. There is a limited amount of space on The Stoop. One must have incredible hand foot coordination to maneuver when visiting.

3. All things Italian are good. Right Ko?

4. Americans do very a number of things well. Barbeque sauce is one them.

5. Lactose intolerance is nothing to be embarrassed of. It should be celebrated with frozen yogourt. In the event of an intolerance attack, please leave a dollar in the watercloset.

6. Please use any transportation device to reach the Stoop. Just make sure to do so.

7. A succesful party always requires an abundance of fare.

8. El Squmador is on it.

9. When at the Stoop, germs cannot spread between guests. All guests have immunity on the Stoop.

10. It is excellent to be home.

Please note:

Friends from the East will be visiting next week so next Sunday will be an important Stoop session. Visit your mothers then visit the Stoop.


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