Thursday, May 22, 2008


What's up bitches!  What's new?!  Shiieet, where yar'll been?  I hope you all been so busy documenting some heavy amigo brosheishers, cuz the 'pops needs a heavy dose!  Maybe the weather has been keeping some at bay, from what i've seen, it still isn't summertime everywhere yet--but friends, remember, we are pioneers, voyageurs, explorers, and expanders of the conventional, so it is bestowed upon us to create thrill from the grey, the mundane, the ordinary.  Turn shit into shinola.  Turn the experience of tossing back a few coldies with a fellow enthusiast from being routine to being, uh, un-routine...?  Yes, so, I digress, because I do not wish to dwell on this, however expand on history that is being made in your presence.
That's right.  Continent to continent.  A toast from coast to coast.  Some people say that music is the international language--well i'd like to argue that.  It is English, and it totally works, communication-wise over a thing called the internet, where the first ever documented-on-the-R.P. annual two way conference beer toast occurred.  Digital toasts.
Cheers from the digital stoop of the future.  Isaac Asimov eat your heart out.

This is referred to as by myviewfromthisbox as a "digital suntan".


viewfromthisbox said...

is it possible to toast in a 3-way? i mean this in a total ungay kind of way. you know? between bros. like 3 bros, showing each other how well they chug over cyber communication waves.

BEERS said...

in the future everything is possible. Did you see that movie total recall? that chick, the one who has three tits? right? which must be like some kind of metaphor for 3 way chugs? no? am i wrong? am i wrong?