Wednesday, April 16, 2008

cross-boarder pops

everybody knows that when offered shotgun (and by this i mean the front passenger seat of a car, not a can with a turbo hole in the side) on a day trip to the U.S.of.A that only an idiot would pass it up seeing as our neighbors laws allow for passengers to get hosed and gas stations stock some of the finest flavors at nearly every freeway exit. We were escorting  a friend to the Seattle airport so that she could fly to the land of bigger beers to see BEERS. I decided that even though we weren't all the way south, we were south enough and my flavor choice was Mexican. 
on the road essentials:

Tall boys, DUH!
"no way" "WAY!"
After a long day of Tecates, Burritos, Margaritas, Sourdough Jacks, Mac'n'cheese amongst a few other things that i am sure were awesome, i was ready on the drive back to home turf to wail my axe to the soothing sounds of Neil Young. 


Barbie-Q said...

was the Tall boys, DUH comment directed to me??

Barbie-Q said...

ps. nice shades.