Thursday, April 24, 2008


Is a road pop still a road pop when it is legal to consume on the road, or does it make road popping less significant, less exciting, and dare I say redundant?
In my experience, breaking the law is always the right thing to do.  By breaking the law, one is almost automatically guaranteed satisfaction and thrilling times.  However, recently I have been presented with an issue.  It is not illegal to drink alcohol in public in Germany, or as in the above case Italy, and hence possibly less fun.  My new theory is that new forms of lawbreaking are necessary to achieve the same thrill that would be provided by simply taking a few brews to go.  I have accumulated the following examples of possible actions to enhance Euro-Road Poppin:



spray paint

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viewfromthisbox said...

a real thought provoker.
in my opinion, all three can easily be combined with legal on the road alcohol to achieve the rush of breaking the law. I also find the rush is more often than not, multiplied ten fold when one is totally goosed.
so i say combine however you like and just go where it takes you. i don't recommend actually combining the egg directly into the brewsky for the purpose of self consumption however. i know it's tempting but the result is not so desirable... i know from experience dude.