Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So, we decided to go to Italy.  Booked the flight a few weeks ago.  Anyway, end up being late for check in by 5 minutes, so we had to wait 11 hours to the next flight, which happened to leave at 6:25 am, form Berlin.  In true road pops tradition, we didn't see this as misfortune, but opportunity to experience some tasty treats at the airport.  With an abundance of entertainment, feast, and refreshments, we turned the quiet old airport into a regular friday night "party".

Cheap sweet vino turns into a quiet riot.
Having a hell of a time.  
A few bottles of 2 Euro Chianti, half a dozen tallboys,  an abundance of pistachios and euro pringles, and a two hour nap on the airport floor I was really wishing that this window could be rolled down for a bit of fresh air...

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