Sunday, April 13, 2008

stoops, you sit on them.

There really is no better place on a warm Saturday evening to kick the feet out than on a neighborhood stoop. I was riding my two wheeled steed (with not a beer to my name) through this quiet residential and happened upon the closing segment of a BBQ. Not only was i offered a burger (i refused??) but also no sooner had i posted up on the step of my choice, was i handed an ice cold Kokanee. Here are some stats for the mathmatically inclined:
filipinos: 3
italians: 1
irish: 1
kokanees: 2
40oz OE: 1
vodka/soda/fresh strawberries: 4 (for the chicks obviosly)
vodka shooters: 10
sleemans: 1

note: these numbers only reflect the time i spent on location

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