Friday, April 25, 2008

the results are in

Man, I don't believe I've seen anything like this before, whadda poll! It was apparent this was gonna be a tight one, right from the first click, making it clear Coors Light was going to be a major force in this poll. Right on it's tail though, as some may have predicted, was the underdog, Old Milwaukee. These old dogs stayed neck and neck for the most part but nobody could have known what would happen next, it seemed that Miller Lite might have a chance! Now I know some of you are speculating this is only due to their relation with the acclaimed High Life. Now I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree; it's a delicious, prosporous Brew to be marvelled. As if it hadn't even happened the poll was back bewtween Coors and Milwaukee leaving our other contenders, Bud, Miller and a poor little Canadian to eat their proverbial dust.
It was clear there were only two competitors in this poll now and things were heating much so that I believe this is what won our title-holder the title of A Treat For The Roads Annual Light Beer of the Year Award.

Coors Light had Old Milwaukee sweating Silver Bullets with only the home stretch left to go...there was nothing that could stop Coors now....I present to you The A Treat For The Roads Annual Light Beer of the Year, COORS LIGHT!

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