Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Stoop #1 - Rules of Engagement

Please adhere to the following rules for a guaranteed successful bbq at The Stoop:

  1. RSVP's are not required for stoop parties.

  2. Invited guests are encouraged to bring uninvited guests. (union workers and suburbanites included)

  3. All food must be consumed on The Stoop or in the event that space is limited the adjacent porch and sidewalk are accesible.

  4. While on the stoop, all guests are required to engage in humourous storytelling and appreciation of The Stoop.

  5. All guests are required to supply the ever so popular BEER for The Stoop bbq's. For those weight watchers, spirits and wine are allowed. Juice and pop are restricted to mixes. Coolers are PROHIBITED.

  6. The hostess of The Stoop most often will provide an abundance of food. If a guest is offered, refusals are frowned upon. Outside food is encouraged.

  7. Last and most importantly, everyone will eat and drink harmoniously together on The Stoop. The following feuds are uninvited: carnivores vs. vegetarians, strathcona vs. kitsilano, guinea vs. irish and of course the classic: TORONTO vs. VANCOUVER.

Please note at any point during your visit you will be required, with drink in hand, to gather with all guests on The Stoop for a photograph to record the evening.

Thank you and see you on The Stoop,



El Scumador said...

well-spoken, clear obligations to abide by. I'd also like to point out it is not uncommon for passers-by to...pass by; Hooting/Hollering, in my opinion, is encouraged.


i looooooooveeeeeeee peach cooooooolers. mmmmmm. what am i to do?????? ummmmm, how bout koreans vs the world? is that a legitimate feud????

Barbie-Q said...

Leave the Korean feud in your fridge with that fake vacuum packed meat.

Cover your peach cooler with a paper bag.


Barbie-Q said...

hooting and hollering has been adding to the rules list.

thank you for your contribution.